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How do you create an engaging and accessible website for a diverse audience?

Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that has been providing relationship-based counselling services for over 70 years. Their goal is to enable positive, respectful, safe, and fulfilling relationships for all Australians.

At the forefront of their offering is a commitment to providing inclusive and accessible services for all members of the community, regardless of religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, cultural background, or economic circumstances.

Faced with an ever-changing marketing environment, RAV needed to revitalise their digital experience to give them greater flexibility to deploy new content, as well as update their marketing tools to reach their audience in new ways.

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A digital toolbox to reach those who need it most

RAV had two key objectives for this project: to redevelop their consumer-facing website, and to integrate a CRM to allow for better management of client leads.

To achieve this, Calico embarked on a UX-led design process, focusing on the visual design and UX aspects of the project first. A mobile-optimised visual design reinforced RAV’s well-established brand position and character, while also engaging and reassuring users with greater accessibility across all devices.

Advanced data organisation meant users could filter RAV's important resources by type and topic, allowing them to access the right information quickly, increasing the chances of users not only being engaged in that moment but returning for further help down the track.

To help fuel in-house content production, Calico implemented a fully-featured, modern, and powerful CMS (Umbraco) that empowered content authors with new templates, content structures, and authoring tools.

To better manage client leads, an Umbraco Forms workflow was created to send submitted details to Microsoft Dynamics and automatically create a new Lead. This workflow allowed the editor to easily map the form’s fields to the CRM properties and ensure no enquiry got left behind.

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Leaving room for future growth

All of Calico’s projects are delivered on a results-driven lifecycle, meaning we are constantly revisiting projects and ensuring that our client’s digital presence is optimised for success.

A short time after project delivery, RAV wanted to integrate their site with Open Place, a related support and advocacy service that coordinates and assists people who grew up in Victorian orphanages and institutions.

We evolved the existing digital presence built by Calico into a multi-site CMS, to allow content authors to manage the content on both the RAV site and the Open Place site.

A relationship to stand the test of time

By carefully balancing specialised development strategies and software integrations with unique UX considerations, Calico have helped Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) achieve their digital transformation goals.

The result is a site that provides an accessible and welcoming experience for an audience that needs specialised support, while also providing all the administrative tools RAV needs to broaden their reach, now and into the future.

Visit the Relationships Australia Victoria site now to discover the full experience Calico developed.

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