Umbraco, a powerful enterprise CMS with no licensing costs

Umbraco provides us with a powerful platform to build your website

Due to its flexibility, ease of use and intuitive nature, Umbraco CMS is the #1 licence-free .NET Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

Enterprise-grade with a rich and extendable feature list, Umbraco is capable of building everything from brochure sites to complex, high-traffic websites for global brands.

Why is Umbraco so popular?

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Enterprise-grade with a technology stack backed by Microsoft

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Powerful, yet flexible and easy to use

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Includes impressive out of the box marketing tools

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Integrates effectively with all popular CRMs

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Infinitely flexible, build almost anything using Umbraco

How Umbraco can help your business

Umbraco is extremely user friendly and easy to adopt

No technical knowledge is needed to manage content like pages, images or video. Usability is at the heart of Umbraco.

Ideal for integrating with your existing systems

Umbraco’s system architecture is designed for extensibility - developers can easily add capabilities or functionality as needed.

Block-system to create custom landing pages

Allows you to build pages with a host of different elements such as rich-text, headlines, images, videos, Google maps, custom forms, and more as required.


Powerful search engine

Umbraco uses Apache Lucene, one of the fastest and most powerful search engines - to build an impressive search experience for all your content in one place.

Comprehensive User / Roles / Permission management

Comes with a user-friendly publishing workflow with multiple roles (Admin, Editor, Writer, and Translator) to maximise effective team management.

Cloud native in Azure & highly scalable

Umbraco is built with Azure PaaS services in mind, so that all the benefits of PaaS cloud offerings (like full scalability and Microsoft security) can be fully utilised.


No licensing costs

Unlike some of its competitors, Umbraco does not charge a licensing fee for its Enterprise-grade CMS. This often means that our clients can have additional budget for extra features and an improved user experience.

Built with SEO in mind

Allows you to control all of your on-page SEO elements, including Open Graph requirements and meta information. You can also control your URL structure for even further optimisation.

Multi-site support

Manage multiple websites through a single Umbraco instance (for example, we have facilitated over 30 websites hosted on just one Umbraco instance.

Multilingual support baked in

No plugins or packages required - Umbraco supports this out of the box.

Ability to build custom tools for your business

Features such as “Content Apps” and Umbraco’s signature flexibility allows us to build tools to improve your workflow and keep your team efficient.

Greased lightning

Speed is everything when it comes to conversions, and Umbraco sites are built to be lean and fast. Umbraco isn’t bogged down with dozens of packages required to make it run.


Umbraco is well maintained, updated, and regularly audited by security experts. Breaches are rare, and patches tend to be easy for developers to apply - meaning we can keep your product safe and secure, at all times.


Umbraco can grow with your organisation and be continuously built upon as your needs change and grow.

Support for Headless

Calico has built an extension to Umbraco to allow support for Headless, which provides several benefits for you: reduced hosting costs, improved website performance, and faster development.  Headless allows you to update your website without replacing your CMS, and opens up opportunities, such as multi-channel content delivery.

10 years of partnership.

Calico has been building Umbraco sites for over 10 years, using the platform to craft digital experiences for some of Australia's biggest events, attractions and brands.

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Calico are Umbraco Gold Partners

  • Direct access to Umbraco HQ for support.
  • Influence over the future direction and features in upcoming Umbraco releases.
  • Proof that we are qualified and meet certification requirements. Our team are Umbraco experts and we must maintain our skills to remain partners.
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